Aussieblue is one of the softest turf varieties on the market, growing well in the sub-tropical climate of South East Queensland. It has a bluey-green tinge to its leaf and is regularly compared to Queensland Blue Couch. One of its biggest advantages is its low maintenance and resistance to disease and weed invasion – making it a perfect turf for residential lawns and commercial applications.

Aussieblue requires around 6hrs of sun a day and should be mowed at approximately 25-30mm for the perfect lawn. It is drought resistant and is able to withstand dry spells, however it will go dormant during this period. It will recover quickly with watering. Aussieblue has a fine to medium leaf and requires less fertiliser than other varieties to maintain colour. It wears well in high traffic areas and is a generally hardy lawn.

In the warmer months, it is important to watch out for lawn grubs with this variety – but with proper maintenance, this will not affect it in the long run.

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