Palmetto is the most frequently sold buffalo variety worldwide. This is chiefly due to its broad, emerald green leaf and hard-wearing nature. It grows well in South East Queensland – and ticks the box for being low maintenance and weed resistant.

Palmetto is perfect for households where allergies are an issue, given its low seed head. Furthermore, it bodes well in high traffic areas with strong growing runners which grow across the ground, rather than upwards like other varieties. Palmetto is moderately shade tolerant, requiring around 3-4 hours of sun per day – slightly more in high traffic areas. It is a drought tolerant turf but shouldn’t be overwatered in shaded areas. It takes longer to establish than other buffalo varieties. Palmetto requires less mowing than its closest competitor – Sir Walter – and is easier to mow because it has less thatch.

Use complete fertiliser during Autumn to maintain good winter colour and repeat this in September to ensure good colour all year round. For other times of the year use a slow release fertiliser, and for a quick pick up, use a fertiliser high in Nitrogen for a lush result. Water when wilting – infrequent deep watering is best for this variety.

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