We love turf!

Having been in the turfing industry for over three decades, West Turf knows all the tips and tricks. We have developed our easy to follow guides to ensure your experience is with us is perfect, and your lawn looks great for years to come.

Below you will find our easy guides to preparing, laying and maintaining your lawn.


We recommend that you lay your turf shortly after it is delivered. This will avoid pallet burn, which can occur if the turf is left for long periods after delivery.

Yes. Pick-ups are available from our farm, located at 33 Kennedy Road, Wivenhoe Pocket. Simply order your turf and we’ll be in contact to arrange a suitable time.

We believe in prompt customer service and aim to have your order filled within two business days. Please note: This is dependant on weather, availability and other external factors. Deliveries are made between 7.00am and 11.00am Monday to Friday, and Saturdays by arrangement.

Yes! Our install price is from $2.75/sqm depending on site access. Our bobcat requires 2m access, our Moffat requires 2.5m. We have a minimum install price of $385. Give us a call to discuss a quote on your space!

The turf should be soaked thoroughly over the first week of its life. As it becomes established and begins to ‘take’ watering should become less frequent. As a general rule, we suggest you water your lawn twice a week, depending on the season, weather and other factors.

As the turf establishes, we recommend that foot traffic be kept to a minimum for a few weeks. If laying your turf in summer, it will establish quicker than in the colder months. To check on the establishment of the lawn, simply lift a slab from the corner to see if it has ‘taken’.
We recommend that you fertilise your lawn each season (4 times a year). Check with your local landscape yard or hardware to see which fertiliser is best for your space.

How to prepare for your new lawn

Generally, turf is the last step of any project and is often the most rewarding, having the biggest overall impact.

Download our step-by-step guide for more information.

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How to lay your new lawn

It is recommended that you give your new lawn a good soaking for the first week, allowing it to properly establish.

Download our step-by-step guide for more information.