Zoysia Turf

Zoysia grass is one of the most commonly used premium turf varieties. How could you use it in your next landscaping project?

What is Zoysia Turf?

Zoysia grass has a fine to medium leaf with a dark green colour, a luxuriously soft feel and moderate shade tolerance. As a hybrid tropical turf, it brings together the best traits of two of the most popular turf varieties – buffalo & couch grasses.

Zoysia turf has deep roots and underground runners, offering high drought tolerance. Its slow growth rate makes it one of the lowest maintenance grass types, meaning less mowing for you. As a warm-season grass, it is well suited to the hotter and humid conditions of South East Queensland.

A large field with Zoysia Turf and hills in the background

Is Zoysia turf grass suitable for you?

A hardy variety, Zoysia is well-suited to most soil types including clay and sandy soil areas and the warm coastal climate of South East Queensland. In addition, this turf has a classy, dark-green colour and is soft to the touch. It produces low seed head which is a relief for allergy sufferers. Zoysia is a superior backyard choice for families with children.


Zoysia turf is a naturally tough variety that is perfect for slopes and retaining walls and helps strengthen soil with its deep-burying root system. 

Its most significant plus is that Zoysia requires around half as much mowing as couch or buffalo making it the perfect low maintenance turf option and is ideal for commercial projects that require low-long term maintenance.


Zoysia can grow in full sun and up to 30% to 50% shade.


Zoysia will take a little longer than other turf varieties to establish, but then it will reward you with its eye-catching good looks and low maintenance.

Features & Benefits

Zoysia Grass Installation Process

Got your Zoysia turf ready to go? Follow our 6-step guide for a quick and easy installation.

Finish off all other landscaping and check your drainage works well.

Where will your Zoysia go? Measure the area and then measure again, to be sure.

Timing is important: start ordering! Be mindful of delivery lead times. At least three days’ notice is great for ordering turf!

Prepare the site – the best prepared site will produce the best laid lawn. Clear all weeds, sticks, debris, etc.

You may add some lawn starter fertiliser with water crystals to the underturf soil, but it’s not essential.

Please note: Rain may delay a harvest. If this happens to your delivery, we will contact you asap to organise another delivery day that suits you.

Delivery day! Lay your turf as soon as possible when it is delivered.

  • Prepare to lay the turf working off a straight edge in the direction you will mow it.
  • Lay an edge strip around your area. This will allow for easy cutting in the final stages.
  • Continue laying turf offset in a brickwork pattern from your header course.
  • Use a spade or sharp knife to cut any pieces as necessary.
  • Keep the slabs tight up against each other. Do not let the slabs overlap.
  • Immediately water the lawn, even as you are laying it.
  • For best results, roll in your new lawn immediately after laying it.
  • Continue to water it to give it a very good soak.

Golden rule: water, water, water! You will need to water your new Zoysia every morning and afternoon for the first two weeks. For the next two weeks you will need to water every morning, then every other day as needed. Zoysia will take longer than other varieties to “take”, so be patient and don’t let the novelty wear off.

Mow your Zoysia when it has “taken” and started to grow. Use a high setting on your mower and make sure the blades are sharp.

Note: To ensure your Zoysia grass is installed at its healthiest state, we recommend installing your lawn immediately after delivery.

For our complete guide, check out our Zoysia lawn installation

How do I take care of my Zoysia grass?

Zoysia is a low-maintenance turf, great for recreational and commercial purposes, and especially suited to sloped areas.

Temperature & Climate

Zoysia turf flourishes in warmer climates and extreme heat, making it the perfect turf for the South East Queensland region. Zoysia will be dormant in winter, so it is essential to keep it short in the lead-up to this season. In addition, its slow regrowth over this period can impact its wear tolerance – particularly with damage from high foot traffic.

Sunlight & Shade Tolerance

Zoysia grass varieties need 4-5 hours of sun each day. So, like other warm-season grasses, it's vital to ensure they can regularly bathe in the full sun for optimal health and growth. Zoysia will tolerate moderate shade – in low-wear areas, Zoysia will handle up to 50% shade. In comparison, it can take up to 30% shade in medium to high-wear places.

Watering & Drought Tolerance

Zoysia is very drought resistant and requires far less watering than other grass types, such as buffalo grasses or couch grasses. However, its deep root system can take longer to establish than these grasses. Still, Zoysia thrives in extreme heat and humid climates as one of the more drought-tolerant turf varieties.

Soil Suitability

Zoysia is well suited to sandy soil areas and soil with clay. It is also salt-tolerant. Nutrients may be added to the soil to provide this optimal growth environment.


Zoysia should be mowed at approximately 25 to 30 mm for a manicured lawn look or at 35 to 45 millimetres for a lush, carpet-like lawn. You need to cut more frequently during the growing season (from October to March), roughly every 14 days. During the winter months, you can stretch your mowing routine to roughly every 3-8 weeks. Zoysia grass will be dormant in winter, so it is important not to mow it short in the lead-up to this season.

Pets, diseases and weeds

When established, Zoysia generally outcompetes weeds and controls new and existing weeds in residential yards. Zoysia turf is less susceptible to lawn pests, including lawn grubs, mites and armyworms. It’s this resistance that’s one of the most significant advantages of Zoysia and makes it a perfect turf for domestic and commercial lawns.


Zoysia needs less fertiliser than other varieties to maintain its colour. Fertilise with a complete slow-release fertiliser in March and September and always follow the application rates. For high traffic areas, give an extra fertilise during the year.

Ready to give Zoysia Turf a go?

We always put your needs first. We can deliver your new turf to your home or business, or you are welcome to pick it up from our turf farm. Whichever you choose, you can rely on our friendly team for prompt service.

Pick up

You can collect your turf from our farm at 33 Kennedy Road, Wivenhoe Pocket. If you decide to pick up your turf from our farm, we will contact you to arrange a suitable collection time once your order has been placed.


We aim for our delivery purchases to be fulfilled within two to three business days. However, this does depend on factors such as weather, turf availability, and other external circumstances.

Zoysia Pricing

Price per sqm $12.10
Shade Tolerance 5/5
Drought Resistance 3/5
Weed Resistance 4/5
Durability 4/5
Maintenance Level Low

Your new turf delivered to your doorstep

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