Sir Walter Turf

Sir Walter grass is a soft, lush, emerald-green turf that’s drought tolerant & perfect for shaded areas.

What is Sir Walter Turf?

Sir Walter turf is Australia’s “homegrown” turf, born and bred for resilience in tough Aussie conditions. This turf impresses with its soft, lush texture and emerald-green broad leaf. Sir Walter does thrive in full sun but is renowned as the King of Shade! 

Developed right here in Australia, Sir Walter is a soft touch, and high wear-tolerant grass, making it a great turf for backyards and businesses across South East Queensland. Also known as Sir Walter Buffalo Grass, this turf only requires two to three hours of full sun a day and is drought tolerant, so it’s perfect for our South East Queensland conditions and looks beautiful all year long.

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Is Sir Walter Turf right for you?

Sir Walter is a buffalo turf variety and can cope with as little as three hours of sun per day. It’s all about its broad leaf and how efficiently it photosynthesises. If you have high fences, double-storey neighbours, or mature trees shading your space, Sir Walter is the perfect choice for you. 

As well as being a grow-anywhere type of turf, Sir Walter establishes faster than other varieties and will repair at a similar rate, so it is perfect for high-traffic areas and busy backyards.

Its vigorous growth means it holds out most weeds, but also means it requires a weekly mow all year round. We recommend proper garden edging and regular whipper snipping to keep it within its zone.

If you or your family suffer from allergies, Sir Walter is a great choice for your yard as it produces a very low seed head. With so much going for it, Sir Walter has earned its place as one of Australia’s top-selling turf varieties.

Features & Benefits

Sir Walter Lawn Installation Process

Got your Sir Walter Turf ready to go? Follow our 9-step guide for a quick and easy installation.

Finish off all other landscaping and get your drainage right.

Choose where your Sir Walter will go. Measure, and then measure again…you don’t want to under- or over-order.

Order your turf… Three days’ lead time is good for us, but a week is awesome.

Prepare the site for your Sir Walter lawn. Kill the weeds, and clear all the sticks, rocks and debris. The best-prepared site will produce the best lawn.

Add some lawn starter fertiliser with water crystals – it’s not essential, but it will give your new turf a boost.

Rain may delay a harvest and can affect your prep work. If this happens, we will work with you to reorganise your delivery.

Delivery day! Lay your turf as soon as possible when it is delivered.

• Prepare to lay the turf working off a straight edge in the direction you will mow it.
• Lay an edge strip around your area. This will allow for easy cutting in the final stages.
• Continue laying turf offset in a brickwork pattern from your header course.
• Use a spade or sharp knife to cut any pieces as necessary.
• Keep the slabs tight up against each other. Do not let the slabs overlap.
• Immediately water the lawn, even as you are laying it.
• For best results, roll in your new lawn immediately after laying it.
• Continue to water it to give it a very good soak.

Golden rule: water, water, water! You will need to water your new Sir Walter every morning and afternoon for the first two weeks, keep the soil moist and don’t let it dry out. Continue to water your lawn carefully for the next few weeks. Sir Walter will “take” faster than other varieties.

Mow your new lawn when it is taken and started to grow. Use a high setting on your mower and make sure the blades are sharp.

Note: To make sure your Sir Walter grass is installed at its healthiest state, we recommend installing your lawn immediately after delivery.

For our complete guide, check out our Sir Walter lawn installation guide

How do I take care of my Sir Walter buffalo turf?

Sir Walter grass is Australia’s most popular Buffalo grass, and with good reason. By maintaining it properly, you can make sure your turf looks great all year round.

Temperature and Climate

Sir Walter is born and bred for Australian conditions. It can withstand both extreme heat and frost. So, Sir Walter Turf grows very well in South East Queensland, even during winter.

Watering and Drought Tolerance

Sir Walter turf copes well with dry spells. Once established, water your Sir Walter buffalo grass deeply once every 10 to 14 days or as necessary to encourage deep roots. Do not let full sun areas go brown from lack of water. Shaded areas will need less water than full-sun areas.


Sir Walter turf has fast growth and will need mowing every week in summer and a little less in winter. Mowing your Sir Walter regularly will keep control of the thatch. Thatching is an issue for Sir Walter – give it a decently short mow in late autumn or early spring to keep thatch under control. Follow up with a fertiliser to encourage growth.

Importantly, Sir Walter buffalo turf needs to be kept longer in the shade to allow for photosynthesis. Preferred mower heights for Sir Walter are 30mm in the sun and 50mm in the shade.

Sunlight & Shade Tolerance

Sir Walter turf is a star performer in shady areas. It can thrive in as little as three hours of sun per day. For healthy Sir Walter in the shade, let it grow longer and water it less. Sir Walter also loves full sun, just mow it shorter and water it a little more.

Soil Suitability

Wintergreen couch is well-suited to sandy and loam soil areas and can adjust to clay. It is recommended to use some Gypsum on any clay soil before laying Wintergreen. A soil pH between 6-6.5 is ideal for all turf. Serious lawn lovers can measure the soil’s pH level with a test kit available from the local hardware or landscape store. Apply the nutrients needed depending on the results.

Pests, diseases and weeds

Sir Walter turf’s tight growth habit means it is weed resistant. If you need to use herbicide, make sure you read the label before you purchase it to ensure it is safe to use on Sir Walter buffalo grass. Some herbicides can damage buffalo lawns.

Sir Walter is naturally resistant to lawn grubs and other pests.

Ready to give Sir Walter Turf a go?

We always put your needs first. We can deliver your new turf to your home or business, or you are welcome to pick it up from our turf farm. Whichever you choose, you can rely on our friendly team for prompt service.

Pick up

You can collect your turf from our farm at 33 Kennedy Road, Wivenhoe Pocket. If you decide to pick up your turf from our farm, we will contact you to arrange a suitable collection time once your order has been placed.


We aim for our delivery purchases to be fulfilled within two to three business days. However, this does depend on factors such as weather, turf availability, and other external circumstances.