Wintergreen Turf

Wintergreen turf is a soft-leaf couch that’s perfect for busy backyards. How could you use it in your next landscaping project?

What is Wintergreen Couch?

A simple soft-leaf couch, Wintergreen turf lawn is our best-selling variety, because it’s a tough, no-fuss option that is perfect for budget-conscious, proud lawn lovers.


Often underrated, the Wintergreen Couch ticks so many boxes. It’s perfect for families, rental properties, the budget-conscious, and even commercial applications, with the only downside being that Wintergreen is a full-sun variety.

Why Choose Wintergreen Couch?

A popular choice for golf courses, playing fields and any high-traffic areas, Wintergreen Couch grass thrives in full sun and various soil types, so it’s great for home backyards, too. It’s fine leaf blades, soft leaf, and medium green colour offer a beautiful lawn for any garden or yard.  

It's resilient

It's known for its durability against wear, heat, and drought, requiring regular maintenance like weekly mowing during warm months, deep watering weekly, and quarterly fertilisation to remain lush. While resistant to harsh conditions, neglect can lead to thinning and weeds, but recovery is straightforward with the proper care.

Low Maintenance

Wintergreen Couch requires vigilance against lawn grubs but is otherwise low-maintenance and durable. This turf is celebrated for its hard-wearing nature and exceptional drought tolerance, making it a reliable companion through scorching summers.

It has a tough root system

At the heart of Wintergreen's resilience is its deep root system, which allows it to access moisture even in the driest conditions. With the right fertiliser, Wintergreen maintains its vibrant colour and delicate, soft leaves.

Moderate Mowing

Wintergreen Couch Grass is as practical as it is beautiful, and it's moderate to fast growth rate means a weekly mow in warmer months, but it goes dormant in winter. Its suitability for full-sun areas and the straightforward process for homeowners to install it themselves make it a budget-friendly option.

A Lawn for Every Season

Wintergreen's use extends beyond the warm months, and its ability to withstand full sun areas without losing its charm makes it a year-round performer. With simple watering , your Wintergreen lawn will remain a soft, inviting space for family gatherings, play, and relaxation.

Discover the Wintergreen Difference

With its fine, soft leaves and durable nature, this turf is suited for full sun and makes a practical and beautiful lawn.


It’s prized for its fine leaf texture, durability, and excellent drought resistance, making it ideal for the South-East Queensland climate.

This variety thrives in full sun, requiring at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

It’s known for being tough and suitable for families and pets and high traffic.

Less frequent but deep watering is recommended, adjusting for more in summer and less in winter.

It can tolerate mild frost but may brown in severe cold, recovering with warmer weather.

Apply a slow-release fertiliser in early spring, summer, and autumn.

Keep it trimmed to about 25-30 mm in height for optimal health and appearance.

Ready to give Wintergreen Couch Grass a go?

Considering your new turf needs, we offer both delivery to your doorstep and the option for you to personally pick up your turf from our farm. Our team is committed to ensuring your seamless and accommodating experience, with promptness and friendliness at the core of our service. For pickups, call us to make an order up to the day before you would like to pick up. For deliveries, we strive for a quick turnaround, usually within a few days, keeping in mind external factors like weather and stock levels.

Pick up

You can collect your turf from our farm at 33 Kennedy Road, Wivenhoe Pocket. If you decide to pick up your turf from our farm, we will contact you to arrange a suitable collection time once your order has been placed.


We aim for our delivery purchases to be fulfilled within two to three business days. However, this does depend on factors such as weather, turf availability, and other external circumstances.

Wintergreen Couch Pricing

Price per sqm $5.50
Shade Tolerance 2/5
Drought Resistance 4/5
Weed Resistance 3/5
Durability 4/5
Maintenance Level Low