Sir Walter

Developed right here in Australia, this soft textured, lush, emerald green turf is perfect for shaded areas. Sir Walter is a broad leaf buffalo turf which is both weed resistant and low allergenic.

It establishes quickly and will repair at a similar rate – so is perfect for high traffic areas. The downside is that Sir Walter will require a weekly mow for the majority of the year. It will stay green throughout the winter months in most areas, provided it is fertilised well in autumn and not mown too low prior to winter. In spring your Sir Walter lawn (as with any lawn) should be mown very low (except in shady areas) and fertilised. This removes the thatch that has built up in your lawn and allows new stolon growth. This practice has the same effect as top dressing but is easier and allows your existing lawn height to be maintained.

Be careful not to scalp your Sir Walter as vital rhizomes live just above the ground. It is a good all round turf – thriving in shaded areas with proper maintenance.

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