gloved hands cutting turf on a Sir Walter lawn

Get the perfect lawn: what to look for when buying turf online

Choosing the right turf supplier

Buying turf in Brisbane? Location matters

Where your turf supplier is located makes a world of difference to the product. 

Always buy as local as you can. Turf is a living thing – it requires air, sunlight, and water. From the moment it is harvested, the clock is ticking… turf needs to be transplanted as soon as possible. The further it travels, the more chance it has of being damaged before it is installed. 

Harvesters cut turf to order into slabs or rolls, stack them onto pallets and load them onto trucks for transport. While turf is on a pallet, it is drying out – deprived of the air and sunlight it needs to survive. In extreme cases, depending on the heat of the day, the pallet of turf can start to “cook” from the inside, just like being in an oven. In the turf trade, we call this “pallet-burn”, and it is something to be aware of when buying turf in Brisbane. See our blog. 

At West Turf this is the reason we predominantly provide turf in Brisbane, Ipswich, and Logan. 

Our turf farm is over 100 acres and located on the Brisbane River at Wivenhoe Pocket, Fernvale, one of the closest turf farms to Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, and the Brisbane Valley. West Turf harvests are done in the cool of the morning and transported to customers on an early morning run. We start dropping off from 6.30am, when noise restrictions allow. Mostly our deliveries are complete by 10.30am. 

So, if you want to know where to buy turf in Ipswich, buy turf in Brisbane, buy turf in Logan, or buy turf in Brisbane Valley… look for West Turf! 

We can also run turf to the Gold Coast and Bayside Brisbane and past Toowoomba, it just takes a little more logistics. It’s always worth a phone call. We do like to get a full truck going in these directions to bring customers the freshest turf possible. 

Farming their own turf vs ordering in

Like with any farm-direct purchase, buying turf straight from a turf farm can result in good savings while getting the freshest product. Though you will see when you are researching where to buy turf in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the surrounds, there are several other options like: 


  • From a large chain hardware and landscape superstore
  • From a large landscape yard 
  • From a turf trader
  • From social media 

Out of these choices, a turf trader is by far the best source. Traders have relationships with the local turf farmers and generally have a same day or early next turnaround for picking up an order from the farm and delivering to customers. Understandably, they are a “middleman,” and their prices can be considerably higher than buying direct from the farm, but the quality remains high.  


Turf quality starts to drop when deliveries are made to landscape yards and hardware chains. The turf can sit for days before it is sold. If you are only needing 5sqm this can still be a good way to buy turf in Brisbane… you just need to make sure to check the freshness of the turf (colour, moisture, and smell – it can smell rotten if too old). Don’t be afraid to ask the staff ‘When was this load delivered to store?’. If it was yesterday or longer, don’t buy it! 


We do not ever recommend purchasing turf through social media. There are no assurances about the freshness or quality of this turf, and it is normally someone’s leftovers. While it may be a cheaper choice at face value, it can cost you a lot more in the end if it does not survive. 


So, if you are looking to buy turf in the Brisbane area, the West Turf farm is only 45 mins from Logan, 45 mins from Brisbane CBD and 25 mins from Ipswich. Our turf is delivered daily Monday to Friday and Saturdays by arrangement. Customers are also welcome to pick up turf orders directly from the farm.


Opting for freshly harvested, premium turf direct from the farm is a savvy choice for homeowners in Southeast Queensland, not only enhancing your landscape but also keeping some extra cash in your pocket.”


Price and Quality

When it comes to picking the right turf supplier, quality and cost are two major factors that carry significant weight in your decision-making process.

The quality of the turf you are purchasing is very important. You want to give it the best chance to “take” quickly and thrive at your place. There are several ways you can save on the price of turf, without sacrificing quality: 

  • Buy local – pay less in delivery fees and guarantee the freshness of your turf
  • Buy from a reputable grower who sells A-Grade turf – get quality turf the first time
  • Pick up – if you have access to a ute and/or trailer this is a great way to save on the delivery fee
  • Measure properly and buy what you need plus 2-3% extra – then you won’t have to order again or pay extra delivery costs if you are short
  • Get the right advice and buy turf that suits your conditions
  • Install yourself, be proud of your efforts and save significant dollars
  • Maintain it after install – turf must be watered to survive. Give your lawn care and attention and you will never have to replace it


West Turf’s location, reputation. and expertise ticks all the boxes for price and quality when looking for your Brisbane turf supplier online.


Looking at the assurances of the turf company you’re buying your new lawn from is a very good move. Product quality and excellent advice and service can be assured in several ways by turf suppliers in Brisbane and Ipswich area.  Consider the following factors: 


  • Is the turf team you are buying from experienced? 
  • Are you getting the best advice about the right turf for your home? 
  • How and where is the turf grown?
  • What is the quality of each turf slab – is it A-Grade premium turf?
  • What service is provided pre and post order – delivery, pick up, install, advice?


How does West Turf provide assurances for you?


  • The West Turf team has over 30 years of experience in growing and selling turf and we are a family business, so our turfing performance is personal to us. 
  • Our turf is grown on the beautifully fertile banks of the Brisbane River and has a trusty water supply which means our product availability is more consistent that other farms. 
  • Our turf is well nourished and protected. We feed our turf with extra organics, maintaining it through its growth stages with state-of-the-art machinery. Our turf is treated for any pests, and we will advise you on how to continue to protect your lawn at home. 
  • Our turf is A-Grade quality turf. We supply turf varieties specifically grown for South-East Queensland conditions. 
  • West Turf provides honest, expert advice on your individual situation from measuring and prepping the area, to choosing the ideal variety, to install tips and tricks for best results. 
  • Because we are a farm, not a middleman, we can offer quality at a fair price. 
  • Our team is contactable for follow up advice on the ongoing care of your turf. 


Premium turf does not have to cost more if you buy right. Buy your Brisbane turf locally – West Turf: experts in turf with traditional business values. 

Things to consider after you’ve ordered your turf

After you’ve ordered your turf, you’ll want to be able to talk to the turf supplier if you have any questions, run into any problems, or need any advice. 

A good turf supplier will be able to help you with: 

  • Information on the turf laying process
  • Advice on site preparation for your turf
  • Advice on lawn care for your turf, especially in the first weeks after it is laid
  • What soil is best for your turf
  • Where you can get more turf supply if you need it

From your online search you will want to choose a turf supply company that is happy for you to call if you have any questions, or run into any dramas while prepping, installing, or caring for your turf. 

Call the West Turf 1300 number and we will talk you through the process of ordering and installing your new lawn. We also have easy to follow tip sheets available online as a step-by-step guide for getting the job done.  

As beautiful as your new lawn will be, there is no mistaking, ongoing lawn care is necessary. Over time you will need to fertilise, water, and mow your lawn regularly to keep it looking lush, thick, and healthy. West Turf can give you advice on the best products and regime to care for your lawn. 

There may be times you will need to replace sections, especially if the kids no longer need the trampoline, or the dog has dug holes in the yard. It’s good to know you can contact West Turf to patch your lawn with a small quantity order direct from the farm with the same variety turf. 

So, choose a turf supplier who is engaged and keen to help because growing turf is a passion – that’s us at West Turf.