Grass covered with ice and frost in the winter

Laying Turf In Cooler Month

Every season is turf-laying season in South East Queensland! You will often hear that turf should not be laid in autumn or winter. This may be the advice in southern states, but it is NOT the case for Queenslanders. A sub-tropical climate is our landscaping advantage.

West Turf Varieties Great For Year-Round Installation

Things to know about laying turf in autumn or winter:

  • You can absolutely install turf in autumn and winter in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Gold Coast.
  • Turf planted in the cooler months will require less water while it establishes than it would in summer. This is because the moisture does not evaporate as quickly in the cooler air. But always remember the golden rule: the soil must stay moist until the turf “takes”.
  • In the cooler seasons, your new turf will be slower to take, so don’t be in a rush. Zoysia and Soft Leaf Buffalo are naturally slower growers than the other varieties no matter the weather, so be extra patient with them. Your turf will be strong and established by the time the warmer months roll around and everybody wants to be out in the yard. 
  • Keep traffic to a minimum. Chances are, you will be outside less in winter, but be conscious to stay off your new lawn as much as possible for the first four to five weeks.
  • No matter when you install it, add fertiliser after the first six weeks. Follow the application instructions on the packaging. 
  • When your turf has taken and starts to grow, mow it on a high setting. This is necessary for new turf but also protects it during the cooler months. Mow it only when it needs it. Always make sure the mower blades are sharp and gradually reduce the mower height over the next few mows, getting ready for warmer weather. 
  • Often sales are quieter in the cooler months, so you can get your turf when YOU want it. Remember, everybody wants their new lawn in time for the summer holidays, so plan ahead and beat the Christmas rush.

How do I know my turf has “taken”?

Check if your turf has “taken” or “bedded in” by lifting a corner of the slab. If the roots have attached to the ground and you cannot lift it, then your turf has taken and it is on its way to establishment. Lift a different slab each time you test. How long until your turf has taken? Expect four to five weeks or longer in the cooler months.